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Eco2 was founded in 1992 under the name Ecoline. Based in Ophasselt near Geraardsbergen (Belgium), the company works with a team of 10 and manufactures tissue culture packaging and supplies.

Ingenious filter system

In vitro propagation is done in polypropylene culture containers with an ingenious filter system incorporated in the cover. Container and cover are sub-packaged and made fully sterile if required.

Perfect for laboratories

The system facilitates the exchange of gases with the environment, while the containers remain 100% hermetically sealed and therefore completely sterile. This prevents air contamination and thrip or mite infestation.


Eco2 expanded its product range with polystyrene culture trays to respond to market demand. We can also fulfil specific customer requirements for sub-packaging or sterilisation. A large part of Eco2’s production goes to Belgium and the Netherlands, but we also export to other countries.

Some of our products