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What our customers say about our products

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Our customers stick with our packaging. So we let some of them speak for themselves below.

Our tissue culture lab in the Netherlands has been using Eco2’s products since at least 2001. “We use the trays with the filters and we’ve found that most plantlets respond well to them,” Nico says. “The trays protect well against thrips and mites. And they are sturdy enough for transport and very easy to use.” Quality and convenience are very important to Nico. “We’ve also noticed that for some plants there is a clear difference between the Eco2 trays and competitors’ products. It means that when we choose Eco2 products, they’re definitely worth the price.”

Our laboratory in the Netherlands has been using PP containers with filters to grow plantlets in vitro for 15 years, lab assistant Thea tells us. “It’s the good gas exchange through the filters that makes them so interesting for us,” she adds. “In our lab, we only use Eco2’s products with filter. They are very good value for money and the after-sales service is great.”

“Our company has been using Eco2 products for some time now,” says Michiel. “The Ecoline trays were already being used in testing on a small scale when I joined in 1999. But now, we use a combination of various Eco2 products.” The lab has definitely noticed differences between the various containers available on the market. “Our product shows which container it feels most comfortable in and where it grows well. Eco2’s containers give good results, so we keep buying them.”

The Dutch lab has been using Eco2 filter trays for 10 years. “The fact that the trays seal and exchange gases well, and the fact they’re transparent mean we’re very satisfied with Eco2’s products,” general manager Ronald tells us.“The consistent and reliable quality makes working with the team at Eco2 a joy. We can always count on good service and we’ve noticed that they really strive for optimal customer satisfaction,” he adds.

Our lab in the Netherlands has been using Eco2 filter trays from the very beginning. “Even after all these years, we’re still thoroughly satisfied with the excellent service and very smooth collaboration,” says general manager Robert. “The containers have good filters and seal great. We don’t know any other product on the market with the same qualities as Eco2’s trays,” he says enthusiastically.“For us, the range of sizes and applications on offer can definitely be expanded!”

Our in vitro lab in Hamme (Belgium) has been growing plantlets in both Eco2 filter trays and polystyrene filter trays for at least 15 years. “What we see is that the plantlets growing in them are good quality,” says Antoine. “We are so satisfied we don’t use any other supplier. Collaboration is very smooth and we can only speak positively about transport. As far as we’re concerned, we get the best possible quality at a very reasonable price.”