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How do I decide what filter type to choose?

The choice of filter will depend on a number of parameters:

  • Plant type
  • The conditions in the incubation chamber (whether there is any floor cooling, the temperature, ventilation,…)
  • Plant development phase
  • Volume and composition of the substrate in the tray

Comparative testing will be necessary to choose the right filter type.

Does the medium in the tray dry out for plants that stay in the Microbox for a long time?

The filters work based on depth filtration – unlike membranes, which are surface filters. This results in limited dehydration, depending on the type of filter used.

Do plants in the Microbox have problems with vitrification?

No. Thanks to an adequate exchange of gases, the plantlets are already autotrophic during their time in the tray.

Can Microboxes be reused?

Both tray and cover can be reused, provided they are re-sterilised in an autoclave. They are made of polypropylene, and this material can withstand autoclave temperatures of 121°C.

The problem, however, is that tray and cover become a little bit more brittle with each sterilisation. So they can be reused, but probably no more than 2 or 3 times, and Eco2 cannot guarantee the trays work properly when reused.

Do you have documentation in English?

We have an (older) document in pdf in English which subscribes how the microbox works.

The documentation is behind the following link: Brochure Eco2