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Eco2 was founded in 1992 under the name Ecoline.

Eco2 NV is located in Ophasselt near Geraardsbergen (Belgium), works with a team of 10 and provides tissue culture packaging and supplies.

The company was founded in 1992 by Jo De Clercq and Ann Matthys. Jo, who had worked in the horticulture and floriculture industries, believed that better packaging could impact positively on tissue culture. They decided to take the plunge and change the world of tissue culture forever with their own product. Jo mainly concentrated on sales, while Ann was responsible for the production and organisation side of things. And the company grew steadily.

Changes in 2023

After Jo’s death in 2013, Ann continued to lead the company alone. Until she decided to change direction completely in 2022 and started looking for someone else to continue the business. After several good chats, she ended up with John and Sylvie Van Moeseke, managers of Avamoplast – one of Eco2’s long-time suppliers. They formalised the transfer in January 2023.

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Sylvie Van Moeseke

Plant Manager

John Van Moeseke

Managing Director

Piet De Lausnay

Business Development Manager

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